Visibility and use of Latvian Qualifications Database

Latvian NCP has published results of the study "Visibility and use of Latvian Qualifications Database in Latvia"  

In 2019, Academic Information Centre (AIC) - Latvian NCP in cooperation with Ltd. "RAIT Custom Research Baltic" conducted a study "Visibility and use of Latvian Qualifications Database in Latvia" with an aim to evaluate the efficiency of the visibility and dissemination activities implemented by Latvian NCP with regards to the Latvian Qualifications Database (LQD), as well as to find out the purpose for which the LQD is used, in order to improve the presented information and facilitate perceptibility of the content of LQD.

The target audience of the study was education policy makers, introducers and their social partners. The research methods used were quantitative (online surveys) and qualitative (focus-group discussions, conclusions from working seminar).

The results of the study confirm that LQD is an important information source in the Latvian education environment. 83% of respondents have indicated that LQD is useful and even necessary for carrying out their direct job duties. The study identified a number of recommendations for promoting the usability and visibility of the LQD.

The results of the study are available here (in Latvian).


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