Development of LQF

The referencing process of qualifications to EQF should cover all education stages and forms, and all levels of professional qualifications, all types and forms of education (formal, non-formal).  In order to elaborate the Latvian Qualifications Framework and perform the referencing process in a successive and meaningful way, in Latvia it is planned in two phases.

Phase I (2009-2011)

The LQF comprising formal Latvian qualifications was established and it was referenced to the EQF. The revised  and updated Latvian Self-Assessment Report “Referencing of the Latvian Education System to the EQF for Lifelong Learning and the QF-EHEA” ( LV EN) was officially presented during the meeting of the EQF Advisory Group in October 2011 in Brussels.

Phase II (2013-2019)

The established framework was revised and reinforced with amendments to the Education Law and to the Vocational Education Law.

LQF / EQF level reference in higher education certificates was launched in 2013, but in vocational education certificates - from 2017.

In 2016 the Academic Information Centre carried out a study on the development of the LQF. In 2017 a new Self-Assessment Report was prepared. ( LV  EN )

In 2018, the Academic Information Centre - Latvian NCP prepared a self-assessment report on the Implementation of Validation of Non-Formal and Informal Learning Outcomes in Latvia as well as led a discussion on ways to improve the system for monitoring the recognition of non-formal and informal learning outcomes. Self-assessment report. ( LV EN )

On April 30, 2019, the EQF conference was held, where the updated self-assessment report on the LQF referencing to the EQF will be presented.